Illuminati Rituals Theory

​I’ve noticed that several of BTS’s performances are saturated in Satanism and occult symbolism and rituals. Im sure to catch a lot of hate but I am merely pointing out things many are unaware are occult symbols.
  Aleister Crowley, a high priest satanist wrote about the significance of public performance rituals, and how to cast spells on mass audiences by incorporating certain moves and decor into the performance. The act of public performance rituals goes back to the Babylonian times,even Shakespeare incorporated satanic rituals into his plays. 
 First for those unaware of some or all the symbols heres a brief map of the occult symbolism I will be pointing out.
Eye – eye of horus, all seeing eye
Horned figures – baphomet
Pyramid/triangle – egyptian pyramids, relates to eye of horus, tower of babel, occult hierechy. The upside down triangle is the symbol for water in alchemy. Also the triangle of manifestation is used in rituals and spellcasting to project incarnations of entities into the audience. For a successful manifestation bring 3 components together is essential, space, time & energy. 
Cube – black cube of Saturn (Saturn worship, Sun worship) Satan
Twin Pillars/towers – masonic symbols of Boaz & Jachin from King Solomons Temple , pillars of hercules which are the gateway to a new world of the enlightened
Owl – Moloch, pagan God of child sacrifice, bohemian grove
Elephant -symbol of the  highest true self, ancient power
Lightning Bolt – Lucifer
Hexagon – Saturn
Archway/portal – portal from the abyss, allows demons to enter our world/realm. . 
Sun – sun God Baal
#13 – sacred # to all occults
Dark/black horse – 3rd horse of the apocalypse (famine),a person or thing that emerges to prominence, ,anti christ

Falling stars – fallen angels

I am /IM
– transhumanism. Blasphemy of Christian GOD Bypassing God & cheating death, changing Gods creation


7 thoughts on “Illuminati Rituals Theory

  1. hey i just wanted to say something- i was looking at the bts video for blood sweat and tears + also the end of spring day. i think some symbolism is linked to the tree of knowledge. i definitely have a feeling jin sold his soul… might sound crazy but with the symbolism he’s usually the one who’s connected to it

    so beginning of bst and in the backdrop of their dancing there is a statue with horns on them (possibly devil horns?)(ex 1:18). note jin is the one looking at the art
    ok in the scene where all of them are at the dining table- if u look closely you’ll see it’s an apple. the fruit from the tree of life is pretty much always symbolized as an apple (2:33). the backdrop of the dining table scene is also red. and jin is the one at the head of the table. (2:37)
    jimin and suga, jimin holding the apple symbolizing temptation at 3:16
    jin + the all seeing eye at 4:00
    red and black color scheme at 4:04. rap monster’s voice over: “he too was a tempter. he too was a link to the second. the evil world with which I no longer wanted to have anything to do.” UHHHHHH
    jin is the one who gives the kiss of death at 4:51
    and then the scene right after at 5:30 with v and the claw marks??
    video ends with jin’s 5:58 face shattering
    could just be a concept but the romans are tied to paganism

    i have a theory for the ending of 4:50 when they’re walking towards the tree… if the bst video the apple symbolized the fruit from the tree of knowledge the tree they’re walking to at the end of spring day is probably the same tree in the bible- maybe they gave into the temptations of fame

    beginning of fire music video- suga shakes hands with what seems to be death

    here’s the big one that makes me think it’s jin that sold his soul
    credits to for some of the analysis

    0:34 in the bts short film for awake, it’s jin again with the forbidden fruit (apple).
    0:48 reaches for the apple, contemplates biting it
    0:55 the way his hand is positioned kinda looks like he’s dead and it fell from his hand. pretty sure it means he bit into it.
    ok this might be completely wrong but i think the photo he takes of the tiger lily is him trying to enjoy life while he still has it- the lights blow out right after so maybe that symbolizes the darkness after the light (flash) (1:05)
    darkness begins to fade in the room (1:08) – the mirror translates to “you need to survive” and “i didn’t have a dream”- “i need to survive”….
    1:13 darkness falls over his face
    1:18 apple rolls… jin walks in a dark hallway into a room… he looks back at someone as the doors shut (no turning back for him- someone is controlling him)
    1:39 scratched door- maybe jin wanting out of the deal
    1:41 lighter symbolizing fire (hell)
    1:54 burns the tiger lily with fire- i think the tiger lilies symbolizes his life and it burning in the lake of fire
    all seeing eye at 2:09. if that bird is a dove it might be connected to something with the holy spirit (it flies away so it might symbolize it departing from him because he signed the deal)
    2:14 looks for light but only sees his own reflection
    2:21 turns around suddenly, frightened
    3:07 don’t know what the bird means but the wallpaper is of abraxas, a pagan god and demon tied with satanism. yikes. also- holding an apple in its right hand…?
    5:10 jin’s own symbol is a net. probably because he’s trapped in his deal.

    there is also some symbolism in some of the other short films. jin’s video can also just be a continuation of the other short films but i still think the inclusion of the wallpaper and apple is odd.


    • The one you’re talking about, the one about Yoongi shaking hands with what seems to be death, isn’t really death.

      It’s the darkness that adulthood has, which is why there is the wall that has Youth written on it.

      He shakes hands with it only to burn it.

      Thus my theory is that he just sent death to the lake of fire..


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