More Connections Found (BTS Theory)

​We all know BTS loves to incorporate movies & books into their videos and concept photos. With each new video that features parts and references to a movie & book we try to figure how it connects to the overall theory of the video. While doing research into each one, I started noticing that they all have connections to each other. 

 I’m making seperate posts in regards to connections, as part of a series in which the final one will be connecting the stuff from all the Connections series to 1 single thing. I already did one for the posters in Boy In Luv. 
First I’m gonna explain the summary of each book & movie for those unfamiliar with them. Along with key aspects of movie or book, and the connection to BTS videos.

                       Lost River

Lost River” is a dark fairy tale about love, family and the fight for survival in the face of danger. In the virtually abandoned city of Lost River, Billy, a single mother of two, is led into a macabre underworld in her quest to save her childhood home and hold her family together. Her teenage son Bones discovers a mystery about the origins of Lost River that triggers his curiosity and sets into motion an unexpected journey that will test his limits and the limits of those he loves.


Bones-teen son

Franky- toddler son

Rat- Bones friend

Bully – town bully

Face- Bully’s henchman

Rats grandmother
Bones sees a bicycle on fire roll by. It is an image that only exists in film but it makes clear the dangerous world that Gosling is trying to capture. In this environment, Bones’ little brother thinks there are monsters in his room. Gosling (writer/director) is visually conveying that there are monsters everywhere, waiting to grab people who have run out of options.

That area, which houses a kitschy dinosaur theme park, was flooded to create a reservoir. The flooding resulted in a number of deaths, including Rat’s own grandfather, and thus left the remaining town of Lost River cursed. Lost River will stay under the dark spell until one of the submerged prehistoric beasts is disinterred from its watery grave.

Billy goes to the bank manager about trying to save their home in which he offers her a job at a satanic nightspot specialising in grand guignol burlesque.

Billy takes her toddler son Franky with her to work, exposing him to grotesque & sexual images.

Face starts Rats house on fire, unable to get her grandmother out of her catatonic state, she dies in fire. 

Bones car is set on fire, Bully crashes into Bones car & is thrown from car into water where he drowns.

Billy, her sons & Rat leave Lost River forever.

Scene from BTS Fire

Scene from Lost River

Scene from Fire

Scene from Lost River

Scene from short film First Love

Scene from Lost River

          In the Jins dead theories, some claim he died in a car accident, some claim he committed suicide by driving truck into ocean.  Bully was in car accident but then drowns when he is thrown from car into water.    


-When jaded teens Jim, Eva, Emily and Mo meet William online, they’re seduced by his charisma. But William isn’t what he seems. He’s calculating and manipulative and doesn’t have time for people in the real world. Jim is vulnerable and he has no idea how dangerous his new friendship with William will be. When Jim confesses he’s on anti-depressants, William knows he’s found a victim. He vows to help Jim off his drugs, and the rest of the group fall in line. What begins as friendly advice to help Jim becomes twisted and Eva and Mo realise the deadly game William’s playing, but the wheels are in motion. Jim is set on a path of self- destruction, and is going to do the unthinkable. As Eva, Emily and Mo try to save Jim, William begins a terrifying game of cat and mouse chasing them across the internet, shutting down their systems, and cutting them off from his victim. Fantasy meets reality when William and Jim are face to face in rush hour on the underground. Without the faceless security of the online world, everything becomes real. It’s now a race against time to save Jim, but the clock is ticking… and we fear someone must die.

Scene from BTS Blood, Sweat & Tears

Scene from Chatroom


In 2014, an attempt to counteract global warming through climate engineering backfires catastrophically, unintentionally causing an ice age that extinguishes all life except the inhabitants of the Snowpiercer, a massive train powered by a perpetual motion engine that travels a circumnavigational track, created by the transportation magnate Wilford. By 2031, elites inhabit the extravagant front cars and the “scum” inhabit the tail in squalid and brutal conditions. Under watch by Wilford’s guards, they are brought only gelatinous protein bars to eat and kept in their place in the social order by Minister Mason, while sometimes small children are taken away.

 Conspiring with his mentor Gilliam, Curtis Everett leads the tail passengers in a revolt that he plans will take them all the way up to the engine. 

  As they make their way to the front, they are ambushed by a mass of masked men with hatchets led by Franco the Elder under Mason’s orders.

  They travel through several luxurious cars and arrive at a classroom, where the teacher expounds to the children and the rebels on the greatness of Wilford and the “sacred engine”. While distracted by the celebration of the New Year marking one circumnavigation of the globe, the teacher ambushes them, killing Andrew before Grey kills her. Those who have survived finally reach the front where Wilford is.

  Wilford reveals to Curtis that his revolution was actually orchestrated by himself and Gilliam to reduce the population and maintain the balance of the sealed ecosystem, and subsequently orders the elimination of 74% of the remaining tail passengers. He explains the importance of using fear and chaos to maintain a necessary order and leadership on the train. 

  Wilford asks Curtis to replace him. Curtis appears ready to accept, when Yona runs in and pulls up a floorboard, showing Curtis that small children from the tail section are being trapped as replacement parts for “extinct” machinery; the tail section only serves to provide this resource to the engine. Curtis subdues Wilford and sacrifices an arm to save Timmy from this work. The noise of an explosion causes an avalanche to derail the train. 

   Yona and Timmy, apparently the only survivors, emerge from the wreckage and see a polar bear, proof that life exists outside the train.

 Connections to BTS
Snowpiercer is in lyrics of Spring Day.
Theyre on a train in the winter in Spring Day
Train cars in Run

The ones who walk away from Omelas

First off, I want to say, this short story made me cry. I felt as if I was reading “A Child called It” when I got to where the details of the little boy are told. 

  Omelas is a utopian society situated near a beautiful, shimmering sea. When the story opens, the people of Omelas are celebrating the Summer Festival, an annual event featuring games and horse riding.
Underneath this happy, picturesque city, a child has been locked in a cage and forced to live in its own filth. The child’s suffering is meant to teach the people of Omelas how cruel justice can be and how precious happiness can be.

Sooner or later, every citizen of Omelas learns of the caged child’s existence and is taught about the meaning of suffering. Horrified, some people walk away from Omelas, never to return.

      Name of motel in Spring Day   


I’m not going to go into the summary of this one mainly because I have not read it & I’m sure most everyone is familiar with this one & its connections to BTS so I’m just going to include a brief summary.
Emil Sinclair is a young boy raised in a middle class home, amidst what is described as a Scheinwelt, a play on words that means “world of light” as well as “world of illusion”. Emil’s entire existence can be summarized as a struggle between two worlds: the show world of illusion (related to the Hindu concept of maya) and the real world, the world of spiritual truth. In the course of the novel, accompanied and prompted by his mysterious classmate ‘Max Demian’, he detaches from and revolts against the superficial ideals of the world of appearances and eventually awakens into a realization of self.
Franz Kromer is a bully, whose psychological torture leads Sinclair to meet Demian
Frau Eva is Max Demian’s mother. She steadily becomes Sinclair’s ideal characterisation in life, first in his pictures and visions, then in person.
Again not going to describe the BTS connections.  That’s a post in itself. 

Silence of the Lambs

A psychopath nicknamed Buffalo Bill is murdering women across the Midwest. Believing it takes one to know one, the FBI sends Agent Clarice Starling to interview a demented prisoner who may provide clues to the killer’s actions. That prisoner is psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant, diabolical cannibal who agrees to help Starling only if she’ll feed his morbid curiosity with details of her own complicated life. As their relationship develops, Starling is forced to confront not only her own hidden demons, but also an evil so powerful that she may not have the courage – or strength – to stop it!

I added this for a few reasons. 

Movie Poster 

Suga from Wings Live Trilogy video

V in short film Stigma holding white puppy

Scene from movie of Buffalo Bill holding a white puppy

Now here are how all these connect. Im just gonna say Omelas because the title is crazy long. 

In Lost River, Chatroom,Snowpiercier & Silence of the Lambs there is a character with a name derived from William. Billy, William, Jim, Bill, Gilliam

The name Gilliam first recorded around the time of the norman conquest of 1066. 

Mainly used back then in honor of William the conqurer as it also originates from the name (french origin) William.

In Demian, Chatroom & Lost River a character or actress playing character is named Eva. 
Eva Mendes played Cat in Lost River. 

In Demian & Chatroom there are characters named Emil & Emily. Emily being the female variant of Emil. 
In Demian & Lost River there is a character named Franky & Franz both variants of Frank. 
Both Snowpiercer & Omelas have “child abuse” themes.
Both are timed around holidays. New Year (train has made 1 full circle)& Summer Solstice

Lost River & Snowpiercer depict the Wealthy & Poor situation. Banker & Billy , Elite & Scum.
Demian, Lost River & Chatroom, Silence of Lambs,  have a bully. Antagonist. 
Demian & Snowpiercer are about Rebellion. 
Lost River, Omelas & Snowpiercer all end with characters walking away from a place that was sinister.
Lost River & Silence of Lambs both have characters who portray peeling off flesh.
Every single one is centered around a form of control, physcological or physical torture & good/evil.
Demian- parental control, Franz torturing Emil which leads him to meet Demian. 
Lost River- Bankers control, bullying & the physcological torture from worker at a burlesque.
Chatroom- William cutting off communication from Jim & the others, the physcological torture of the Cat & Mouse game
Snowpiercer- Elite control, torture of the scum, torture of kids used as replacement parts of engine
Omelas- controlling the happiness of utopian city by the torture of the  little boy.
Silence of the Lambs- Hannibals control of information, Buffalo Bills control over victims
Torture of Buffalo Bills victims, physcological torture Hannibal sends Clarice through. 

I’m sure the good/evil aspects don’t need any explaining.

So tell me what you think about these connections or if theres some I missed. I thought it was very interesting how there are so many common factors between Lost River, Snowpiercer, Chatroom, Demian, Omelas  & Silence of the Lambs.


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