BTS Theory- Sacrifices

   I previously posted this theory on BTSArmy amino app. I changed a few things from that one.

   We all know that the biggest theory of the HYYH trilogy was that Jin was dead. At first I refused to even think that theory made sense, until I started noticing connections to rumored illuminati sacrifices. Could it be a form of predictive programming? 

   Predictive programming, a theorised method of mass mind control, proposes that people are conditioned, through works of fiction, to accept planned future scenarios. In other words, people become accustomed to an idea through sublimineal messages so when that idea does happen, its more easily accepted. 

  Jin has always stood apart in some manner from rest of the group. From clothing to the dance moves in both Run & INU where he moves apart from group. He also is the 1 member whose passion isn’t music, but acting, & who was approached on the street to become a trainee based on visuals. 

   Another reason I was hesitant of doing this is due to the connections to the Illuminati. 

    The Illuminati is rumored to be the controlling power behind Hollywood, the mainstream media, goverment, music industry particullarly hip hop. The Illuminati is rumored to use monarch mind control aka MK Ultra on their “slaves” those who sold their souls for fame & fortune, to promote their propaganda of a New World Order. Their beliefs are those of the Luciferians. Their motto is: Order out of Chaos. They also require blood sacrifices, (death of a loved one) to enter the highest ranks, to reach mega stardom.They also believe in Soltice sacrifices. A blood sacrifice given during June & December during the solar soltices. 

The following are connections between BTS & rumored Illuminati sacrifices.

 In No More Dreams, there is a drawing of Albert Einstein on chalkboard.

 Albert Einstein broke off ties with Goverment refusing to work with the United Nations to maintain nuclear weapons as a deterrent to conflict. Making him an enemy of the Illuminati. He died on April 18 1955 at age 76. Now the illuminati believes highly in numerology. The numbers 3, 7, 9,11,13, 33, 39. Any multiple of these numbers have special meaning to the Illuminati. 4+1+8=13 7+6=13

BTS wore shirts featuring The Rolling Stones. Brian Jones founder, leader, & guitarist of The Stones was found dead in his swimming pool around midnight of July  3rd 1969 less than a month after departing from band citing he did not see eye to eye with type of music they were making anymore.

 He is believed to have been The Stones sacrifice. Also the Stones have an album called Decembers Child, the first song on album is called Route 66. A sign we have seen in War of Hormones & on their jacket of Youth album. Swimming pool is featured in both Prologue & Fire.



  Jin we all know favors the color pink, and likes to be called Pink Princess.  I believe this links to Princess Diana, another rumored sacrifice for being against the Royal Family, who is allegdely the power behind the illuminati. Princess Diana died after her black car struck a pole in the Alma tunnel in Paris. The Alma tunnel is quite similar to the Tunnel in Run. Also BTS is using a blanket with the United Kingdom flag on it in Youth album jacket. Which is odd since they are Korean.


 Again BTS wears shirts featuring another band Nirvana. Kurt Cobain is another rumored sacrifice due to him speaking out against the Illuminati. There’s several links to Nirvana, including BTS announcing comeback of Most Beautiful Moments in Life pt 1 on April 5th, same day Kurt Cobain died. Kurt’s death has always been thought to have been a murder, Courtney Love even implicated the Illuminati in his death. Then there are the songs Nevermind, In Bloom, Come as you are, & Smells like Teen Spirit seen in 3 BTS videos. The white glasses Kurt wore is also seen in Run & Fire.



  Another rumored sacrifice is Jam Master Jay from DMC, the group who did “Its Tricky” which BTS did a performance of. 
 Another rumored sacrifice was Heath Ledger who played the joker in the Dark Knight. V in Rookie King had to paint his face like the joker from specifically The Dark Knight. He even kept saying the famous line Why so serious from movie. He also dressed as same character for halloween. 

 Another rumored sacrifice Peaches HoneyBlossom Geldof an UK socialite and reporter was part of Ordo Templi Orientis , a satanic group tied to the illuminati. In 2014 she started speaking out against the illuminati, she died on 4-6th or 7th 2014 body found on 8th,wikepedia says 7th but biography said 8th,  from a suicide by heroin overdose ,although she’d been passing weekly drug tests. What made me include her was well the name Peaches.
  I thought it was strange for Rap Mon to sing Peaches and Cream, since that phrase is very sexual based. But also she died of heroine overdose, ruled suicide just like Kurt Cobain. She also was found exactly 10yrs to the day after Kurt Cobains body was found. Her sisters name is Tiger Lily, a flower seen mainly around Jin. These coincidences couldnt go overlooked.

  On September 3, 2014, 9-3 the kpop group Ladies Code, who debut in 2013, was involved in a car accident that resulted in the deaths of EunB and RiSe. EunB was declared DOA, RiSe was pronounced dead at 10:10 AM on Sept 7th. Wings album & BS&T mv was released on 10-10-16. Their deaths were rumored to be the first Illuminati celebrity sacrifices, which were predicted in their video Kiss Kiss. Video is in link below.

Ladies Code Illuminati Sacrifice

  Besides how much alludes to Jin being dead in the HYYH trilogy, and speculation to a car accident, theres more hints outside of HYYH trilogy.
  Jin in Fire is only member that has scenes in front of burning car. There is a peace sign written on car. The peace symbol (also called the “broken cross,” “crow’s foot,” “witch’s foot,” “Nero Cross,” “sign of the ‘broken Jew,'” and the “symbol of the ‘anti-Christ”’) is actually a cross with the arms broken. It also signifies the “gesture of despair,” and the “death of man.” The rim of back tire is positioned to look like upside down star, or baphomet. Also on car are 4 //// markings with a – through them they represent captivity. A scene from Ladies Code Hate You, also depicts same markings. Also their PD is called Hitman Bang. Could Bang allude to hitman?



 In this still shot from Fire, you can see Caution in black, just under it is word pink in pink. Above Jins head you see Suga making the devils horns hand sign. Does the pink hint at Jin since thats his favorite color & color he’s wearing at time? 

  Next is other half of still shot, which features a stick man with words Outside is cold above it. Could represent a time when its cold outside like winter? The face on stick figure is seen for a split second on car as it falls to ground.

  In blood sweat & tears Jin kisses a white statue with wings, symbolic to The Kiss of Death, just like EunB & RiSe’s kisses of death in kiss kiss. 

 Following picture shows Jin wearing a shirt with a triangle with a upside down star (alledged illuminati signs) with words V, join or di.

    This last part will cause mass hate but its crucial to point this out. Its speculative. And is no way meant to defame, or slander BTS. Im just pointing out a coincidence.

I hate to even have to bring this subject up but not all sacrifices are celebrities. Its alledged that the blood sacrifice for fame involves any loved one. In I Need U original version V is seen killing his father, in Prologue it starts off with V’s hands covered in blood, thought to be his fathers. The phrase Blood on his hands means to be responsible for someones death, to be guilty of causing someones death.Again in Prologue it shows V looking at a picture of baby & older woman. V stated his grandmother passed on September 3rd, 9-3 (same as Ladies Codes EunB) her funeral was held 49 days later, 4+9=13, that his grandmother raised him , picture of baby & woman was him with grandmother.

 Then theres this pic of Jin. Shirt says Rich 93. He’s with Tony, who gained the ship name of Jony (jimin/tony)on American Hustle Life. Jony is written on side of pool from Prologue, see above pic. 

      Both Jin & V were born in December, both Decembers Child. Both part of the sacrifice rituals. There is an undeniable connection between V & Jin in the HYYH trilogy. That V seems to be the cause. When a young man joins the Freemasons, Illuminati they start off intitiated as an APPRENTICE. To move up to higher degrees the apprentice must recruit new members. 

Now with the release of Spring Day MV and the connections to “Those who walk away from Omelas” by Ursula  K. Le Guin, which is set during the beginning of Summer Festival, or Summer Solstice. The people of Omelas live in a city of unbelievable happiness & delight, at the sacrifice of 1 child living in utter misery.

 Based on the previous information it’s hard not to ignore how much connects to sacrifices. 

 This is a theory based on information compiled from BTS MV , photo sketches & from BTS’s own posted videos.



16 thoughts on “BTS Theory- Sacrifices

  1. Jin is my bias and this theory is so scary!! Are any of them Christians or does your speculation point to all being members of illuminati?


    • I can’t say they are ACTUALLY true or not. I will say that there are too many coincidences tho. I have another blog on here about BTS illuminati/satanic ritual performances. I’m a fellow Christian, and after BS&T was released, my heart broke because the group I loved had sold their souls. I used to be into the occult before God called me out it, and I am familiar with occult symbolism. I noticed just how much symbolism they were using suddenly. I have these same blogs plus others on the BTS amino app.


      • Hi. I can’t seem to find your blog on the BTS amino app. I find your blog interesting. I’m into BTS just recently and I’m interested in them being a member of Illuminati or not. I am also a Christian and it definitely broke my heart seeing these things. I will wait for your response…


  2. im also a Christian in training and I have wondered if BTS was in the illuminati especially when they released blood sweat and tears there was a whole lot of symbolism


  3. Hey guys! As you heard of the very unfortunate and tragic death of SHINee’s Jonghyun, I came across some connection between his death and BTS. First he died being 27, the 27 club includes Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, etc. All these celebrities who died at the age of 27 died in mysterious circumstances where the media portrayed it as either suicide or accident or drug overdose. 27 is a very occult number with high value in satanic rituals. Second, Jonghyun was the Illuminati sacrifice to signal the handover of the globalists’ support of KPOP from SM to BigHit. BTS released an album called LOVE YOURSELF, which is clearly about suicide. BTS’s V released a tweet about his new dog, named COAL BRIQUETTE(yeontan). 4 hours later, Jonghyun committed suicide by means of COAL BRIQUETTE carbon monoxide poisoning. BTS goes to Jonghyun’s funeral(they’re one of the first groups to go to his funeral hall), completing the ritual ceremony.

    Jonghyun died December 18, 2017 (Jin and V are december babies)
    >18 Dec was the new moon (so the moon was invisible)
    >winter solstice in a few days (21st Dec+ winter solstice) Jonghyun’s funeral was on the 21st.
    Winter Solstice was a time for pagan rituals and blood sacrifices.

    These facts are too odd to be just labeled as coincidences. BigHit was a very small company who came from nothing and now their main artists are going on Ellen Show to promote. No artist can go this big with just hard work, just like how hollywood stars must sacrifice in order to gain more fame, it seems as if satanic influence in kpop is getting bigger, thus initiating BTS as the biggest band in kpop through occult rituals and sacrifice. Jonghyun was always portrayed differently in their mv’s, in ring ding dong, around the time they first debuted, everyone in the mv has black wings and jonghyun has white wings (bts wings) white wings symbolizing purity, which is perfect for a sacrifice.
    **I urge the author of this article to include this in the article above, i really think Jong’s death has a connection.**


    • Wow, you are so on point with this. I’m so familiar with the occult & illuminati & even these connections gave me chills. I seriously was thinking Jonghyun’s death was not a suicide but the letter he left & text he sent his sister right before made me hesitate.


      • Actually, his letter is very good evidence of how his death involved more people and was not simply a suicide. First, it seems like he’s talking to someone, and he mentions ‘doctor’ a lot. If Jonghyun was an MK Ultra slave, this letter makes perfect sense that he was indeed a sacrifice. The most important line of his letter is this:

        “I asked why I keep forgetting my memories. You told me it was because of my personality. I see. I see that everything is my fault in the end.”

        He is talking to his psychiatrist here, in many cases of an MK slave, they have a handler. That handler can be anyone who is trained to tap in to their conscious and drive them do things. It seems as if this psychiatrist was his handler and was driving him to commit suicide slowly but very manipulatively. In order to create a new persona, Mk slaves forget their memories because of the electric shocks and mind control methods. Because of these mind control methods, an MK slave can unconsciously commit suicide because they are being controlled by outside forces. Jonghyun asks his doctor why he keeps forgetting his memories, the doctor says it’s his fault. Anyone studying psychology knows you should NEVER blame the patient for anything. That goes against the ethics and laws of being a mental health doctor. Psychiatrist Kim Hyun Chul who appears on MBC tweeted:

        1) I can’t acknowledge his psychiatrist as my peer. 2) It’s the worst trauma after ‘exercise’ or ‘get sunlight’. 3) In situations like this, the association doesn’t say anything.”

        He’s saying it’s better to give crappy advice to a vulnerable patient like ‘go exercise’ or ‘go out,’ than say “it’s your personality’s fault.” you might as well stay quiet and just listen to your patient.

        Reading that letter personally breaks my heart because I can literally hear him screaming for help. He blames his doctor a lot but this takes us back to the topic of rituals and blood sacrifices, what needs to be done will be done, no matter who’s life is at stake. Kpop is definitely getting more sinister.

        RIP Jonghyun, he was my bias since 2008 😦


      • I thought the same thing when I read his letter too actually that it was MK Ultra. I looked up and screenshot V’s tweet about YeonTan posted on Dec 17th, the first mention of the new puppy. I noticed also in Ring Ding Dong there’s alot of butterflies, another MK Ultra symbol.


      • I like kdramas and noticed alot of illuminati symbolism starting to appear in them as well. I love them because there wasn’t all that satanic agenda stuff in them but now they’re even getting saturated with it.


      • I was an avid kpop fan during 2006-2013, i stopped because the music was getting repetitive for me. However, since hearing of Jonghyun’s death, i started watching music videos i missed out on and noticed how drastically the kpop world has changed. It’s not the same type of content from before. I used to watched kdramas too and from what I remember they were very sweet and innocent stories, I’m surprised your seeing satanic agenda being pushed through kdramas as well!


      • Ya in Go Back Couple the lead wears a jacket with an alien (demons)1 eye (all seeing eye), lightning bolt (lucifer), and vvv on it. V in numerology is 6. Even some of the themes are in line with the NWO type stuff. When I get the chance to sit and write this additional info about Jonghyun I will update this post and the identical one on ARMY Amino. Also I’m sure you heard about the Sewol Ferry Tragedy? I believe that too was an illuminati/occult sacrifice.


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